Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This tutorial, Mommy's Girl, by Farrah's Creations took me a long time to complete. The scrap kit, Coyote, is by Sugar Snap Scraps. Unfortunately, their download link on their blog was an empty file. I thought I was just having trouble with the computer or with the internet or something. I eventually found the correct download link with the whole scrap kit by doing a Google search one day. I was so relieved to find the scrap kit because I love the combination of colors. And I emailed them about the trouble I was having. There were probably 3000 downloads from the "bad" link and I'm sure I contributed about 10 of those because I thought the problem was on my end. And I think there were only a couple of hundred downloads from the "good" link. The font I used is called Fiolex Girls.

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